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Compose a 3000 words essay on American Indians. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file "American Indians" to see previous pages... To evaluate the developments that have been made in preventing and

Compose a 3000 words essay on American Indians. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file "American Indians" to see previous pages...

To evaluate the developments that have been made in preventing and treating the victimized


The research undertaken involved an extensive review of the published material which includes journal, magazines, almanacs, online databases and web pages evaluating the issue on hand. These sources would be used to extract the expert opinions,

to critically analyze the stereotypes associated with alcoholic abuse, to utilize the research material and historical data. The above resources would further help in evaluating the steps taken by the government and the NGO's in addressing the grave situation facing one of the biggest minorities within the country.

Moreover the facts and figures obtained during the secondary would be applied in comparison to the data collected from ground sources to effectively investigate the factual information regarding the issue.

Primary Sources

As stated earlier, in order to design a comprehensive research paper, a fair bit of primary investigation would also be employed. This included filling out of questionnaires by the American Indian patients screened positive in the drug abuse and by a number of young Native Americans prospectively indulged in alcohol intake to access their mental state and to haul out the reasons for engaging in the illicit practice. The survey was aimed at obtaining the information about socio-demographic background, personal and social resources, traumatic experiences, attitudes toward mental sickness, indications, alcohol, drug and mental turmoil, and service exploitation, both biomedical and cultural options. Each questionnaire was administered for about 20 minutes and help of any kind was provided to the respondents.

In the meantime interviews were held with a number...

Throughout the historical records, many American Indians have been repeatedly exposed to self-destructive and illegal behavior. Such conducts have been repetitively attributed to the exposure to heavy alcoholic and illicit substance abuse.The American Indians face a wider range of problems regarding the alcoholic abuse. These issues have not only hampered their social life but have had a toll on the entire community. Various reasons ranging from cultural, political and historical to social aspects have been highlighted as being fundamental in the development of heavy alcoholic consumption. Consequently, the society has responded to the subject by incorporating the prevention and treatment programs at the grass root level. The issue is still grave and its implications are severe on the Native Americans and subsequently on the entire US nation.

The 1960’s civil rights movement kept the base for the revitalization of the Indian culture since then the impact has been reduced, the need of the hour thus is for the Federal Government to play a greater role in rectifying the mistakes of the past and actively address the increasingly hazardous issue of alcoholic amongst the Indians in particular and within the country at large. A powerful change can only be materialized if Indian culture and norms are revisited. Work is being done in this regard and it can only be hoped that the situation would be much better for the Indians and they would be culturally, socially, psychologically and physically relieved in the years to come.

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