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Compose a 500 words assignment on convenience cookware. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 500 words assignment on convenience cookware. Needs to be plagiarism free! Measures that can be implemented by the company In order to avoid the same kinds of problems from recurring, it is imperative for Convenience Cookware to pay particular attention to issues related to quality control. In manufacturing business, there is no substitute for quality hence the company should invest in carrying out research about the measures that can be taken in order to improve the quality of the products offered to the customers. This will help to improve the competencies of the company if it offers quality products that have been tested and certified. This calls for restructuring of the internal structures of the company. It is also important for the company to pre-test the products before manufacturing them for the market. In this case, the company made a blunder to manufacture a lot of products before testing them if they are suitable for the market. The company should produce a manageable batch of products at a time such that it can take proactive measures should any crisis happen. For instance, it is easy to recall defective product in small quantities than large quantities as illustrated in the case study of Convenience Cookware.

The above argument goes in line with inventory management. The company should make sure that they stock current assets in the form of products on offer that can be quickly converted into cash. Basically, current assets are in form of cash and other assets that can be converted into cash or consumed during one year on the normal operating cycle of business (Chasteen, Flaherty & O’connor, 1998). The acquisition of inventory and converting it into cash should be a short period hence the current assets should not be overstocked as illustrated in the case study given above. Overstocking inventory is always problematic in that it may not be sold out during the anticipated period which can negatively impact on the return on sales to the company.

Public relations

The other change that can be made by the company is to use Public Relations (PR) in its operations especially in times of crises such as the one revealed in the case study. Basically, PR refers to sustained effort to create and maintain goodwill between the organization and its publics (Flippo, 1961). This discipline can also be used for crisis management so as to try to create a positive image of the organization. During times of crises, PR can be used to present the firm in a positive way which can help to rebuild confidence in the consumers. It is important for the company to carry out research about the causes of such problems in the future. This will be followed by an action plan that is designed to rectify the problem identified. After that, the action plan is implemented and periodically monitored so as to ensure that the same problem does not recur again. This will help to rebuild the image of the company after experiencing such a damaging reputation.


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