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Compose a 500 words assignment on ways in which the hotel target the generation of echo boomers. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 500 words assignment on ways in which the hotel target the generation of echo boomers. Needs to be plagiarism free! Ways in which the hotel target the generation of echo boomers Mill-grill’s Hotel is a hotel that is mainly designed to suit the latest generation in the world, the echo boomers. With the echo boomers being mostly interested with the latest of technology, the hotel has implemented features that just satisfy this want. The hotel is plainly luxurious, which is the pride of echo boomers. It therefore attracts most of them since most echo boomers like being associated with class and luxury.

In order to catch the attention of many individuals in this generation, the hotel has invested in the latest technology. Such implementations include. online reservation of hotel rooms, online booking of other hotel facilities.

The echo boomers are known to be interested with diverse fun activities and projects. Therefore, for the hotel to attract them, it has incorporated different activities in its services. Such activities include. golf course facilities, swimming pools, pool tables, and libraries.

Echo boomers are also known to be high achievers with the desire to make a lot of money while still young. With hotel having this generation as their major target, it has also implemented such facilities as gambling machines. It also holds events such as auctioning of expensive items such as wall paintings. Most of the persons attracted into the hotel are therefore able to make money by taking advantage of the different opportunities offered at the hotel. Other business opportunities are also made possible by the hotel inviting the experienced business entrepreneurs who then offer investment projects to the echo boomers. Therefore, with all these activities and facilities, the hotel has hence managed to attract its target group, the echo boomers.

Use of ecotourism to attract tourists

Ecotourism mainly deals with nature and preservation of the environment. Therefore, it is one strategy that has made a lot of progress in attracting people who are interested with the natural environment. Ecotourism has promoted the tourism industry through use of attraction such as national parks and natural resources. Ecotourism also makes the environment appeal to people thus, attracting many tourists even those that are not interested with nature (Whyte, 2010).

Space tourism

Space is one viable tourist attraction in the world, but which is very expensive. Currently, only few persons have managed to undertake this source of income since many people also assert that is a dangerous activity. An organization that is working to make this economic attraction possible is the Depaul Space tourism Organization. Despite a lot of challenges being experienced in the investment, the organization believes that by the year 2015 it will have achieved its goal (Whyte, 2010).

Mega travel and tours is a company that has invested in the development of the tourism environment by constant holding of community work and cleaning in its surroundings. In my opinion, this company has the best programs since it reaches a large number people and the results of its work are experienced with immediate effect.

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