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Compose a 750 words essay on General motors project. Needs to be plagiarism free!Each of these segments is charged with organizing their designated world regions in sales, production, marketing, and d

Compose a 750 words essay on General motors project. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Each of these segments is charged with organizing their designated world regions in sales, production, marketing, and development of products. Major factors that have been initiated by well performing companies such as Coca-Cola and Toyota include training of the employees, effective organizational structure, annual bonuses and gifts among others. In this regard, General Motors has emulated similar motivation strategies in order to be at par with its rivals both in the local and international market. The current business environment takes the tendency of globalization. Most business organization enacts the policy of diversity in their human resource management. The purpose of this is to make competitive, and ensure that they attract the market brought about by the diversity in its work force (Certo, 2000). For example it is essential for a marketing firm appealing to the Chinese market, to have a Chinese in its sales team. This is a report on the recommended ethical practices in an organization, and how to manage diversity in the team. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 2.0 ACTION PLANS 4 3.0 SWOT ANALYSIS 25 Memo to HR Management 28 Instructors Feedback Section 31 M1A1 - 31 References 32 2.0 ACTION PLANS 2.1 General Motors as a learning organization A learning organization is a term for an organization that implements learning for its members for its continued transformation. These organizations develop from the need to face the pressures surrounding them by enabling them to compete in a business environment (Marquardt, 2011). Sequentially, a learning organization has five concepts that govern the attainment of transformation. One, there is the system thinking in which the organization views itself as one body with different organs that make up its overall appearance. Secondly, personal mastery makes the next feature in a learning organization where an individual commits him or herself to the learning process. In addition, mental models and shared vision become the third and fourth parts of the process respectively. The former are the personal assumptions within an individual about the company while the latter is the common goal shared by all members of staff9 (Sessa &amp. London, 2006). Lastly, the team learning aspect becomes the fifth key pillar in this organization that is mainly the collective pooling of individually learnt aspects drawn from other members of staff (Marquardt, 2011). Objectively, this paper will give the name of a company in which transformation will aim at by including the intended broad principles. Further, it will include recommendations to the chosen learning organization that may include motivation, team management, culture, ethics, and empowerment. The learning organization chosen would be General Motors Corporation. 2.1.1 Brief overview of General Motors General Motors is a name commonly associated to remarkable car brands in the world. Arguably, GM is the leading multi- state car manufacturer with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan in the United States. Globally, it has establishments in a hundred and fifty seven countries spread across several continents. It has over two hundred thousand employees under its wing by either employing them directly or indirectly. GM has four regional clutters namely, GM South America, GM Europe, GM North America, lastly GM International Operations.

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