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Compose a 750 words essay on Impressionist painter. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... People and every human being have their own kind of expressing their feelings. So

Compose a 750 words essay on Impressionist painter. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

People and every human being have their own kind of expressing their feelings. Some, give some tune for love, sung songs, create lyrics of a very emotional song, and several people who are such have given the talent and have the skills of making their hands work and draw something beautiful, and even apply some colors and blends it up for the whole thing.The so-called avant-grande committed their selves to art, painting itself, as an expression of them to the situation happening their place. But others would view others work differently. Each one makes his art beautiful, most probably for himself. Making he free from depression and as he release it from his very deep heart with the help of his powerful mind.As I move on to my days in life, I also made some expressions of myself in a form of art. I feel so good about it, though it's not perfect. But how about those professionals who have made very deep meaning portraits, how are they going to look and see mine For I know what would their be , but let me be them and explain my impression to such art that I never had seen before.First of all, a wonderful precious thing to see will probably catch up my eyes. Leading it up to its colors, the hues, and the intense it brings. I would probably look at its wholeness and the whole picture it wanted to show the people. As I will observe it I'll take a look on the marks which the paint has started to spread, the directions of the brush on it. What makes it different from mine and from others Criticizing of it is the best thing to do. I'll beseech from its physical view up to the inner side, of its owner.

Aside from the beauty of a paintwork. that was brought to the mass of people is the entire reflection of its owner who made it, this might show that the person is in vain, happy, or angry, inspired by love and family and even his sadness. Everybody can say that due to the colors he used and how bold the shades are. Mood can affect one's acts and his/her feelings, emotionally coming from his bare heart sending to the points where we use to act and even our brain reacts and as a result a product of this feeling comes out.

Some paintings can be recognize as a work of an impressionist painter if the paint art is consistent with some signs to give clues about the theme of it and others which you can never tell, how it was expressed by the artist. Mainly those with experiences, identify some works not that easy for they need to judge and criticize it in different ways and aspects. There he in his self have categories and some factors to consider as to comprehend with others work of art.

As far as I know our beloved popular painters such as Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa masterpiece is such a great work and to analyze others work of art you can merely say if the person who made it is an emotional individual, a naturalistic, patriotic, and spiritual. The audiences and or the people can read the message from the paintings others work can be judge and clues they give. They not just see the picture itself, its beauitiful colorblendings, the shades of a wonderful tree and a house on it, but, the message it sents, the message which does touches our souls. Critical overlooks, judgements and comments and some opinions are gained by simply viewing a masterpiece.

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