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Computer Network

Modify p3client.c and p3server.c To test this homework, you need p3client.c, forwarder.c and p3server.c

• Establish a connection between p3client and p3server on UDP. (50 Points)– p3client sends a digit or letter to forwarder, and then forwarder sends the same to p3server. For this homework, write C code for an UDP connection between p3client and p3server.• Once p3server receives the digit or letter, p3server sends a message to p3clinet using UDP. (50 Points)– p3server decides whether the received message is a digit or not. If it is not a digit, send “This is not a digit” to p3client on UDP. Otherwise, send the digit to p3client on UDP.Note:• You have to modify only two files posted -- p3client.c and p3server.c.

• For testing, Use forwarder.c modified.• Submission: your p3client.c and p3server.cI have uploaded a word file for you that will help you and it has some example, and the p3client.c and p3server.c files.

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