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Final Proposal

As we are in the second half of the semester, it is time to consider what you would like to do for the Final Project. If you do not submit a proposal, then you will be doing a Final Project that I  have designed.

As in the Final Project that I designed is meant for a team of two, you can team up with one partner and submit a proposal for the project that you would liek to do. Examples from the past have been:

  • Printing out a maze (at least 10 x 10 up to any size) for people to solve using their pencil.
  • The Snake Game
  • A simulation of landing a lunar module on the moon.
  • Video poker, including telling the player the odds of winning at each point in time.
  • Networked Black Jack.

Your proposal must be at least 1 page in length, and give enough detail so that I can verify that it should be done by two people.

Have fun with this!

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