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  1. Select a good quality image with a good central focal point (e.g. the man and his horse is a great focal point in the example). The focal point could be a person or thing (e.g. car, track athlete, or basketball player). 
  2. Add a motion blur along a path AROUND the focal point (you can add some blur to parts of the focal point if it helps create a better sense of motion).
  3. Adjust the shape of the blur path.
  4. Add at least two points on the blur path.
  5. Please do not merge layers before submitting your composition.

NOTE 1: In order to prevent the issue with limited file submission size of LEO, you can upload the files to google drive, one drive, or Dropbox and share the folder for the project with me, and submit the link as a part of your submission.

Document SetupWidth: 5 inchesHeight: 7 inchesResolution: 300 Pixels/InchPage Orientation: Portrait (Tall) OR Landscape (Wide)Color Mode: CMYK

Submission RequirementsPlease submit the following to the Assignments Folder:

  1. The original image before any effects were applied.
  2. The completed Photoshop (.PSD) file with the motion blur applied. PLEASE do not merge any layers you create together!
  3. A JPEG (.JPG) version of the completed project.
  4. Submit a Project Reflection (see details below):
  5. Project ReflectionAnswer the following questions when you submit your assignments files.

    1. What image did you select and why?
    2. Where did you find your image (include URL if image was downloaded from the Internet)?
    3. What Photoshop techniques (e.g. layers, smart objects, smart filters, blur path end point speed, taper, direction, path shape etc) did you use to create your project (describe what you did to complete the assignment)?
    4. What software applications did you use to complete your project?
    5. What issues or challenges did you face completing this project?

    Please submit your Project Reflection as a Microsoft Word document or just copy and paste your answers in your Assignments Folder's text box when you submit your assignment along with the rest of the required project files. 

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