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Concept of cost of capital and WACC Mace Manufacturing is in the process of analyzing its investment decision-making procedures.

15% > 16% cost

a. An analyst evaluating the North facility expects that the project will be financed

by debt that costs the firm 7%. What recommendation do you think this analyst

will make regarding the investment opportunity?

b. Another analyst assigned to study the South facility believes that funding for that

project will come from the firm's retained earnings at a cost of 16%. What recommendation

do you expect this analyst to make regarding the investment?

c. Explain why the decisions in parts a and b may not be in the best interests of the

firm's investors.

d. If the firm maintains a capital structure containing 40% debt and 60% equity,

find its weighted average cost of capital (WACC) using the data in the table.

e. If both analysts had used the WACC calculated in part d, what recommendations

would they have made regarding the North and South facilities?

f. Compare and contrast the analyst's initial recommendations with your findings

in part e. Which decision method seems more appropriate? Explain why.

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