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Consumer Behavior MKT 431 M4A1 Discussion

Search for an article in the Business Week archives on a multinational, publicly traded company. The company may have its headquarters in the United States or abroad, but it should have a major presence in many different countries, and its products or services should be used worldwide. Visit the company's Web site as well.

Choose one of the firm's product lines and discuss the following:

    • Briefly describe the company, its operations, and the industry
    • Identify and provide an overview of the product/service of the company
    • What is the company's marketing mix?
    • What is its target market for the chosen product/ service?
    • Discuss where and how the company markets its products/ services.
    • Evaluate its current marketing strategy. Identify elements of success or failure using course concepts/ terms.
  • Analyze the cultural, global, and demographic influences on this firm. What assumptions can you make about its efforts to appeal to a globally and culturally diverse consumer base? How effective are these efforts? What will you do differently to improve their consumer appeal to such a diverse audience?
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