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Assume it is 1954 (not the 21st century, with 20/20 hindsight). The Korean War has been over for about eleven months. President Eisenhower asks you to advise him on the question of whether the United States should physically replace France in Vietnam, in the name of stopping the spread of communism there. You know that there are only three Americans who can read and write the Vietnamese language, two of whom are teaching at the University of Indiana. What do you tell the President, and why? This first paragraph is to be answered.

The two paragraphs below is an answer a reply to the the above paragraph. After reading the paragraph below write a response/ reply. It does not have to be very long.

I believe it is our mission to replace France on the front lines in Vietnam.  After all the work that we have put in to since the end of World War II, we owe it to Mr. Roosevelt to continue in the journey of ending self independence and nationalization.  We need to show Russia and China that we are a powerful contender to deal with.  By assisting France, we can maintain our influence over Western Europe and keep France in debt to us by helping them fight this fight.  As well as, we will be able to maintain a strong influence with the member of the United Nations.  Let us get in there and stop these leaders from thinking they can take over any land they fell fit.

I told the president to fight, because we have made so much progress globally and we need to maintain our influence within the United Nations and with those states in Western Europe.  By helping the French, we can also maintain our naval dominance in the Pacific Ocean and not allow the Communist direct access to the south Pacific without going through Japan which is an alliance we have now.

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