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Below is a discussion question.

Do you think the separate historical experiences of Africa and Latin America following the Second World War set the regions apart from each other? How? Why, or why not? Did the Cold War efforts of the superpowers impact each region similarly or differently?

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While liberation of Latin America occurred approximately 150 years before the liberation of Africa, the experiences of each region was similar after World War Two.  Both experienced a dramatic increase in population with minimal resources to support this growth.  While Africa was cut up into illogical states, Latin America generally retained the states that were previously formed.  Each region experienced financial waxing and waning.  Both regions also experienced struggles for political power.  Brower & Sanders (2014) stated, "In Latin America, political life also involved a struggle for power between political leaders and army officers" (p. 312).  

Latin America aligned with the United States under their "sphere of influence" during the Cold War.  Brower & Sanders (2014) wrote, "Latin America's relations with the outside world were unique as well.  Its states were diplomatically and militarily weak...Occasionally, the U.S. government sent military settle civil disorders or political quarrels..."(p. 330).  


Brower, D. R., & Sanders, T. (2014). The World in the Twentieth Century: From Empires to Nations (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

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