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Contract Law/ Legal Memorandum /Senerio based on Third party interestes

Advanced Technology was a new start-up company.  As key part of his team, Advanced hired Whiz, a highly regarded tech expert under a valid contract where Whiz would work for Advanced as their tech person.  Jim, who also owned a tech company, wanted to see Advanced fail.  When Jim found out that Whiz was working for Advanced, he contacted Whiz and offered him a job.  Whiz told Jim he could not because he had a contract to work with Advanced.  Jim offered Whiz twice what Advanced was paying.  Based on Jim’s offer, Whiz left Advanced and went to work for Jim.  Without Whiz working for Advanced, business has suffered significantly.

Your firm is Advanced’s counsel.  Prepare a 2-3 page memorandum on the issue of interference of contract, if any, in the case.

This can be 2-2.5 pages, it does not need to be 3.

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