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Conventional terrorism on two separate events Boston Marathon Bombings and The Paris Attack

I would like the writer to focus on the paths to community resilience for Boston Marathon bombing and the Pairs attack by following the subject below:

The writer should do a power point ( 8-10 Slides) and write at least an explaining paragraph about each slide in Microsoft word.


  • Paths to Community Resilience > Preparedness, Prevention & Mitigation âby developing a Mitigation Program for that kind of disaster. What would make communities stronger and better able to survive a disaster of this type in the future? What could be done in advance of such an incident occurring to make communities more resilient
  • I want you toconsider Prevention, Mitigation and preparedness in your Plan for CommunityResilience. Though you are going to be examining disaster events that havealready occurred in both Boston Marathon and Paris Attack, you will need to think about the strategies that could beintroduced before a disaster, based on levels of risk to a population, thatwould help foster resilience in a post-disaster environment.
  • include at least 3-5 peer-reviewedjournal articles. Bibliography and all embedded citations must be in APA style.
  • Writing Style:Remember to keep your slides & written content clear and concise. so you need to be careful about your choice of wordsand descriptions, as well as the choice of quotes and/or topics you choose toaddress. Additionally, you need to write from a scientific perspective and nota personal one.
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