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counts LU and 2 As The Missouri Assessment Program ( MAP ) consists of a number of tests designed to assess student mastery of the Missouri...

Please answer the two questions in this picture, if possible show work so I can understand better to complete my study guide

counts LU and 2" AsThe Missouri Assessment Program ( MAP ) consists of a number of tests designed to assess studentmastery of the Missouri Education Show - Me Standards . Although the MAP measures studentknowledge and how practically and effectively they can apply it to tasks in the classroom and in theworldin the clasId , the MAP is also used to initiate educational reform and to help educators in MissouriValuate the curriculum and instruction of their content area ( if their curriculum is in accordancewith the Show Me Standards )The MAP is administered in Missouri schools at different grade loveIs It begins at grade 3 and isadministered every year through grade 1 . Each year different subject areas are administered . Foexample , 3 rd and 7 th graders take science and communication arts , while 4th and &th graders takmath and social studies . Each subject area assessment consists of three parts :A Multiple Choice using the Terra Nova Survey , Where students are given S choices to chooseicesfrom on each question . The Terra Nova is used so educators can compare the performance oftheir students with others nationwide . This is the only timed section of the testB . Constructed Response , where students give their own response to each question . Students areusually required to show workC . Performance Event . where students draft a more lengthy response to a prompt . This section isused to assess students' ability to apply knowledge to everyday situationsASCITYIf you wanted to establish that the MAP is a reliable measure , which types of reliability wouldit make sense to examine ? How would you go about gathering these types of reliability ( whatstatistics would you use ) ? ( 4 points )Log21 . What kinds of validity evidence would be appropriate to gather for the MAP and how wouldyou gather that evidence ( what statistics would you use ) ? ( One point for each type ; up to 4points total )
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