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CP HW 8 part 2

Montreal Case Study

Write a 12 page evaluation paper based on the 1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Failure. To locate the Montreal Case Study, follow the instructions on the PowerPoint presentation EBSCO BA 595 Case Study Search (Download here).  

You are expected to provide a detailed analysis of the case study and demonstrate your grasp of project management knowledge by applying lessons you have learned through your project management program. You are expected to address the information below in detail:

  • Analyze the key mistakes made with the use of the 5 essential elements of project management
  • Explain what actions should have been taken to ensure the 5 essential elements of project management were used properly
  • Evaluate (defend or prosecute) the quality assurance measures during and after construction 
  • Identify and calculate the key mistakes that could have significantly reduced costs
  • Describe the key stakeholders, and assess their motives and risks taken 

Please include a title page and reference page with at least 2 references. At least 1 of the references should be located in the online library. The other reference(s) may come from the internet but not sites like Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, About.com, eHow, or other similar sites. Please adhere to APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines. Papers are to be double-spaced, 1 inch margins, formatted and referenced according to APA guidelines.  

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