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Big Data Datacenter was impressed with your previous examples of system commands and is now looking at the project from a more strategic approach. The team is looking at you to show the big picture and explain how everything will work together. The requirement is an analysis on the following:

  • Identify modules from CPAN that can support a graphical user interface (GUI), network protocol, and database adapters. In your analysis, demonstrate how these modules will make interacting with the system more human-friendly in support of maintaining servers in the data center.
  • Describe how you will practically interact with CPAN to install the modules that you have identified.
  • Provide the syntax to create your own custom module that lends itself to being reused. Because the company is focused on managing servers, you might consider a module based on the following examples, but you are free to create your own:
    • Executes system commands to retrieve system metrics like CPU utilization
    • Reads information from a flat file and then inserts into a database
    • Connects to a database and retrieves reporting information
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