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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses message management effective communications.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses message management effective communications. The sixth element of the communication plan involves finding out the most appropriate time to pass information. The seventh element involves determining those people who will be used to deliver the message to the intended audience. The eighth element focuses on the computation of funds that might be needed to ensure that there is proper implementation of the project plan. The final element involves the evaluation of the communication plan to see if the goals and objectives have been realized (United Nations, 2007).

The major audience to be involved in the communication plan includes evaluators who may help to assess the effectiveness of the communication plan. Some of the information shared with this audience is a message to be channeled, communication channels to be used and as the amount of finance required to channel the message. The mechanism to be used in passing urgent information includes online channels. For example emails’ and phone calls while less urgent and useful information may be passed via letters (Mobley, 2005). In addition, the information between employees and organization will be shared on a daily basis to ensure smooth learning of the organization. In case the communication turns not to be ineffective the message may be adjusted. In addition, a different channel may be utilized. Some of the technologies that may be used include the utilization of the organization website, smartphones to mention just but a few. Finally, communication becomes an ethical/legal issue at a point where security and privacy of the information passed must be observed (Taylor & Dow, 2013).

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