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Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Management Organization Learning and Knowledge.Download file to see previous pages... Services provided at this call centre have direct impact on business a

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Management Organization Learning and Knowledge.

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Services provided at this call centre have direct impact on business and customer satisfaction. In order to provide good service, a variety of skills such as call handling skills, communication, learning abilities, positive attitude, leadership, motivational skills, feedback etc are required at various levels. Learning and knowledge sharing are extremely significant in such businesses where customer demands keep changing and new products are continuously launched not only to meet customer needs but also to sustain competitiveness in the market, and attract more users as well as retain existing customers. Moreover, organisational structure is a team-based structure with each team leader responsible for a team of 10-15 executives. Review of literature: Peter Drucker was the first management pioneer to emphasize knowledge management and knowledge working as the 21st century challenge (2003). Newell et al. (2004) describe knowledge workers as those individuals with good competencies, skills and decision-making and problem-solving abilities. Their contributions help in effective knowledge management through their contribution in day-to-day activities. hence, such activities can be carried out by employees at all levels based on their work and opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills. Ambriola et al (2003. p.192) describe call centre workers as knowledge workers by stating, ‘the basic tenet is that work in call centres has to be conceptualized in terms of distributed knowledge. This means that only part of the knowledge needed to carry out any transaction is in the mind of the operator, important knowledge has to be distributed among colleagues in the organisation, available and accessible cognitive artifacts in the work environment, and clients. The way...

This essay approves that Aspects of professional growth and opportunities for growth were assessed based on questions related to promotions, skill enhancement trainings, taking on additional responsibilities and learning opportunities etc. Front line executives reported dissatisfaction in terms of promotions and additional responsibilities. Team leaders were not aware of any growth opportunities planned. Managers felt their growth depended upon expansion of business. Divisional managers did not respond. Most of the team members felt the need for skill enhancement in spheres like call handling skills, time management skills, leadership skills, writing skills, and analytical skills. Team leaders felt leadership skills would help them manage team’s performance better. No double-loop learning was reported because front line executives and team members reported lack of time to take on additional responsibilities that will help in learning other skills. Double-loop learning breeds innovation, critical thinking, and thus better decision making.

This report makes a conclusion that knowledge management has become the key to success of most of the organisations. Knowledge intensive firms rely on human capital than other capital for success and sustenance of performance and knowledge-based firms thrive on input of knowledge and learning into their human capital. Effective knowledge management should include effective communication, leadership, HRM, and organisational systems besides appropriate integration of operational objectives with strategic goals of the organisation. Situations that identify gaps in knowledge management in the present context can be addressed by modifying few management practices.

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