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Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses intervention strategies in career counseling.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses intervention strategies in career counseling. When an individual has a personal issue they are referred to a licensed professional counselor (LPC) who works with personal issues.

Career Counseling is different from Career Coaching although many career counselors use a coaching approach. The objective of career counseling is to help an individual find a satisfying career or make a career transition. Although in our society the words "career" and "job" tend to be used interchangeably career counseling encompasses much more than job search, resume writing and interview skills.

Career counselors hold a graduate degree in counseling with a specialization in career counseling. Services of career counselors differ, depending on the counselor's level of competence, the setting, client needs, and other factors. National Certified Career Counselors, Registered Professional Career Counselors, and other professional career counselors help people make and carry out decisions and plans related to life/career directions (NCDA, 2008).

Career counselors are professionals and hold at least a Master's Degree which sets them apart from many people who are now calling themselves Career Coaches. The counselor also has an obligation to do professional development as they go throughout their career in order to keep current with trends and innovations in the workplace.

In conducting career counseling the professional career counselor has not only the knowledge that comes from their degree but also a variety of skills referred to as there "toolbox" that holds the strategies that they use for giving clients the assistance they need.

In today's world career counselors are being looked upon more directly to help people in resolving career issues because of the state of the economy and the degree of unemployment. Many people have found that they can access a career counselor at most community colleges for a small fee or for free.&nbsp.

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