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Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses politics in application and practice.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses politics in application and practice. Politics is a universal activity. Therefore, political education requires a deeper understanding of political activity and widespread knowledge about it. Political activity is the fundamental ingredient of politics and emerges from politics. This means that politics and political activities are one and the same. Thus, politics is an embodiment of political activity (King, 1977. Pages 75 – 77).

In general, people are of the opinion that politics concerns itself, in the main, with political parties, parliament, and the prime minister. As far as the British political system is concerned, this could be a fact, where the politics surround these institutions. In several other countries, politics can be found in a plethora of activities that are not restricted to the government and its institutions. Politics is involved in trade union activities. Trade union representatives or members are found in government policymaking agencies and play a role that is similar to that of a minister in the government. In some countries, religious leaders and priests are actively involved with politics. Politics can be construed as conflict management. There will be considerable disagreement between the various factions and the individual citizens. Generally, these disagreements deal with the nature of the government and its performance. For instance, in the United Kingdom disagreements arise between the Conservative and Labour parties. Therefore, conservatives and socialists are always at loggerheads with each other (Williams, 1998. Pages 1 – 7).

In the context of legislative science, politics is considered to be a practical expression of enforcing wisdom and judgment. The politician uses his wisdom to create, organize, and maintain a sound legal system and order. This is the political domain according to universal principles. According to Aristotle’s philosophy, the politician can be compared to a craftsman.

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