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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Literature Review: Factors Contributing to Integrative Conflict Resolution.Literature Review: Factors Contributing to Integrative Conflict Resolution Towards

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Literature Review: Factors Contributing to Integrative Conflict Resolution.

Literature Review: Factors Contributing to Integrative Conflict Resolution Towards Factors Contributing to Integrative Conflict Resolution is an excellent material and resource for conflict resolution. Fundamentally, it is an in-depth discourse on Integrative Conflict Resolution and when and how it can be applied. But the course of the investigation also provided an overview on several other related tactics and alternatives that are useful for mediators because they are compared and contrasted in the way they are used such as distributive and non-confrontation/avoidance strategies. As a result, the learning outcome, upon finishing the reading, resulted in the idea that no specific strategy of conflict resolution is better than the other due to the fact that circumstances of conflicts vary from one case to another, hence requiring different management frameworks. The article's main subject is all about conflict resolution strategies in instances of the involvement of multicultural parties, that is why integrative bargaining received the most prominence. This is, I think, often the case in international mediation wherein parties come from different cultural background, which makes the conflict difficult due to the numerous points of differences not just in the actual issues but in the way they are perceived and addressed. This is quite enlightening for me especially that I have been familiar so far- and, hence, more inclined to favor, certain strategies that are one-dimensional having been used to analyzing and approaching a problem from my own single perspective. The paper is significant because it proves that such an attitude can be dangerous. Having to stick to one such perspective is tantamount to being biased and, therefore, in effective. With this particular paper, it became easier to understand why this is so. The most important aspect of integrative bargaining is its equity. According to the author, the strategy’s utility is underscored by two aspects: first is its potential to benefit both parties. and the secondly, the objective to reconcile the interests of the parties involved. Unlike the distributive strategy, which requires a fixed-sum and variable-share payoff structure, it aims for balance and consensus. It is also distinguished from the non-confrontational strategy or avoidance strategy because it does not avoid, deny or deflect the presence of conflict. Instead, integrative bargaining confronts the issue head-on. It is even safe to say that both these conflict management approaches, as per the points raised by the article, can be integrated within its more general tenets and modified to serve its purposes. It is in this respect why third-party mediation can be considered an important component of integrative bargaining approach as well. The idea of a third-party arbitral authority used to resolve conflicts is an outstanding strategy to achieve an impartial and credible resolution. The key theme that the article sought to address was conflict in cross-cultural setting. This is the reason why integrative bargaining and third-party mediation deserved its prominence and the given importance. The equitability of these approaches is effective because it is fair and they do address the variables that are independent of an issue itself but, nonetheless, present in the conflict itself. It is not rigid that no room for negotiation and compromise is available. Its framework is flexible that is why the resolution can be negotiated in an environment nuanced with respect. As a mediator, this tactic is very important. It covers not only the arbitration of military conflicts but also those of the economic and the political, which already typify our world in the midst of the increasing integration brought about by globalization and technology.

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