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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses The Impact of a Good Movie.Full The Impact of a Good Movie Great stories abound the world over but only few are documented. Like precious stones, they are pl

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses The Impact of a Good Movie.

Full The Impact of a Good Movie Great stories abound the world over but only few are documented. Like precious stones, they are plentiful in this earth but are rarely found in the market, desired by everyone but acquired by just a handful of people. Such is my favorite movie, Remember the Titans (Yakin, 2000), a powerful story on racial discrimination, friendship, determination and honor. It is a seriously emotional story, you might say, with the description earlier mentioned. However, it is quite the opposite for though passion is greatly observed in the characters and the story itself, the movie is not lacking in humor. I have always loved movies based on a true story for they portray realities in life and just give me hope and encouragement to whatever circumstance I get into. This is the reason why I watched Remember the Titans a number of times and still watch it whenever I get the chance. Moved by the assortment of characters, one can learn a variety of lessons about living, a truly vital lesson we need everyday. Objectives in watching a movie would be one of the important factors for a person to be able to appreciate what the producers want to express in a story. Watching the movie, an individual should look forward to learning lessons from those who lived before us and not just to pass the time away or appreciate or criticize actors. Lessons on determination are emphasized in the story which makes it worth anyone’s time watching the movie. The depiction of the realities of life, how one shines among dead stars and still remain humane encourages viewers in a way that will truly make one move on and be optimistic in a greatly challenging world. The story can act as a teacher to a person in search of knowledge on the essence of unity in humanity, a counselor to a troubled mind, a comfort to one who is feeling down. Of course, one should not expect having all these by just watching the movie. It takes critical analysis of the movie and characters, their actions and words for a person to be able to see the wisdom contained in the movie. Along with great movies come great actors. As Remember the Titans is packed with notable lessons, it sure is not lacking in respectable actors. Denzel Washington is one great actor who makes acting just a simple thing, able to get the words right and the facial expressions fit in so perfectly sometimes one might think he is not just watching an actor but one who has experienced what he is portraying. Will Patton, another great actor, plays alongside Washington and other young actors like Wood Harris, Ryan Hurst and Donald Faison among others in this movie. I could say the actors have truly been carefully picked to justify a wide variety of moviegoers who would go home without cursing the moviemakers but probably might stand at the end of the movie and give credit to the cast and crew, tipping their hats off to them. A great movie is worth the talk. However, talk should always be left to be tested by listeners, a note by the readers. Thus, after all that was written about the movie comes the test of the truth behind it all. Surely, I can stand by my words and stand proud would I do when in the near future I would hear or read a voice agree with me. Rest assured, one’s time and money will be well spent when watching the movie just like when one sacrifices to go to a good school. References Remember the Titans. Dir. Boaz Yakin. Perf. Denzel Washington, Will Patton, Wood Harris, Ryan Hurst, Donald Faison, Craig Kirkwood, Ethan Suplee, Kip Pardue, Hayden Panettiere and Nicole Ari Parker. Walt Disney Pictures, 2000. DVD.

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