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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses the cast of amontillado by montresor and fortunado.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses the cast of amontillado by montresor and fortunado. The Cask of Amontillado “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe highlights different aspects in literature. The maintheme of the story is revenge as Montresor seek to avenge for what he consider as a mortal insult by Fortunato. The skimming nature of the main characters is what will lay discussion of the essay. The focus will be on Montresor. The aim will be to portray the characters of Montresor. There is need to focus on how the character plays part in maintaining the main theme of the story. The character portrays different traits which in this case position him as the main character. In an effort to understand Montresor, there is need to focus on his superego, patient and canning nature.

Montresor is canning in his attempt to lure Fortunato into his death trap. “My dear Fortunato! I am indeed glad that I have met you. I …tell me is Amontillado.” (Poe 866). this is an attempt by Montresor to try his first move to seek revenge on what he considered an act that was meant to demoralize him. Montresor earlier portrays canning traits as he attempts to pull the audience believe he was justified in what he was about to attempt. He insinuate he had forgiven Fortunato several times and that he was justified in seeking revenge

Montresor portrays ego centric traits this highlights the reason as to why he manages to plan a revenge plan on ground that his dignity was at stake. He also brags about his traits which places him supreme to Fortunato. In this case he portrays Fortunato as weak and naïve. “He had a weak point…” (866). this is an effort to portray himself superior meaning his plans would succeed without any hitch. The implication that Fortunato portrays his ego centric attributes. His ego centric character ensures his survival through the story.

The character also portrays him as being patient. This is evident in his opening statement which he states that "The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could…” (866). Montresor indicates how he was able to forget the past mistakes just to wait for the right time. This traits changes and he becomes an antagonist. He patiently plans his revenge beginning with the wide tasting to the chining and finally to the murder of Fortunato (870). The character is successful in his revenge as he manages to accomplish his goals. His quest to seek revenge is repaid by his patience. He utilizes the naïve nature of Fortunato to execute his plan.

In conclusion the ego centric, caning and patience nature portrays the traits of Montresor. The effort to avenge the insult by Fortunato creates the revenge theme by developed by the author. The ironic aspects of his action is portrayed when in the beginning he claims to have forgiven Fortunato many time but in the end an insult leads him to seek revenge by killing. The egocentric concept drives him through his plans. His patients enable him execute his plans. His canning nature enables him lure Fortunato into his trap. The revenge is attained in the end.

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