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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses the media provide political information as may also affect political values by offering popular culture. do you feel your politi.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses the media provide political information as may also affect political values by offering popular culture. do you feel your politi. The media provide political information as may also affect political values by offering popular culture. Do you feel your political beliefs are influenced primarily by news media or media that not specifically aimed at providing political information? Introduction The earlier part of the Twentieth century proves and manifests the development in the media industry. Media has been predicted to be having a strong impact in the social and cultural aspect in the society. Because media has the ability to reach a wide audience, the impact could also be predicted to be wider, stronger, and more influential in delivering its messages. Wide range of communication started with telegraph until after around half century developments in the communication continues and the use of radio were experienced followed by newspapers, magazines, and televisions. Over the last past few years, the modernization in the media was introduced in the form of DVD and internet. Media Influence The growth in the media industry has also contributed and influenced to the development in the urbanization, industrialization, and modernization. However, the content that has been created in the mass media is not designed in the purpose of challenging or to modify the political and social value of a nation but instead, mass media connects the world to individuals and eventually forms public opinion. At the present, all the people live in a society that relies and depends on information and communication to be able to move forward with the daily activities such as work, health care, education, traveling, and even in dealing with personal lives. A common individual, upon waking up is usually access the monitoring in the television or newspaper about the condition of the society before going to work. What the people should be aware is that decisions, values, and beliefs are all depend on facts, assumptions, and beliefs which are based on the experiences and studies. Media is considered as an important source people rely on in dealing with their everyday lives by hearing in current news and facts. Trust has been put by a lot of people to media and this is authoritative in giving news, entertainment, and education. However, since the influence of the mass media is so big to the kids, teenagers, and society, the people should know how it really works. Pros and Cons of Mass Media Like in everything that we do and decide upon, there are always positive and negative consequences and I think it is also relevant to lay down some main pros and cons with the mass media. Mass media is phenomenal that it can target the global audience through the televisions and internet. Newspapers are just a doorstep away from our house to be able to access on the news and entertainments. Internet could give us the information that we need in just a click of the mouse. Best forms of entertainment are televisions, movies, radios, and the internet. All this forms of media can be used to educate people in an effective manner. However, news that we could gather through all the media forms may not be authentic and may just be misinterpreted. Nevertheless, news could also be manipulated by influential people around the network. Mass media in the form of the newspapers and magazines are considered short shells life and all the forms of mass media could be misleading. Conclusion In my everyday life and experiences, mass media has a big influence on the every decision that I make even if it neither does nor necessarily mean to persuade me. Mass media is a good form of communication for me I believe that it is helping a lot of people. Mass media as a whole may not always be true at all times but as a responsible person, we should be able to distinguish what are those issues that could help us and not and maximize the good things that the mass media could offer with regard to dealing with our daily lives.. References Lad, k. Pros and Cons of Mass Media. Retrieved on July 9, 2011 at Chmielewski, T. How Does The Mass Media Influence People. Retrieved on July 9, 2011 at Rayuso. Mass Media Influence in the Society. Retrieved on July 9, 2011 at http://hubpages.

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