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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses 'Health psychologists have shown great creativity in their attempts to help people with cancer'. Discuss.There are also cases of dementia and delirium result

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses 'Health psychologists have shown great creativity in their attempts to help people with cancer'. Discuss.

There are also cases of dementia and delirium resulting from brain metastases. The patients become depressed following the perceived loss that will experience after being diagnosed with cancer. Some of the anticipated loss following a diagnosis is the loss of body parts such as hair or breasts and the eventual loss of life. To help deal with the cancer menace in patients, psychologists have conducted research on a variety of the health implications the disease has on patients. They first study are the main causes of the disease and the technique used in its treatment. This makes them be in a position to motivate the patients as they seek treatment and helps them assist the patients deal with pain. One major invention is the coming up with the support groups that consist of cancer patients whose illness is at different stages. In these groups, people share their experiences with cancer and the how they coped with the numerous challenges (Brannon &amp. Feist, 2010). A person who is in his or her early days after being diagnosed with cancer learns from the people in the group as they already dealt with the. People gain encouragement from other patients in the group and a research conducted by the health ministry revealed that 89% of cancer patients who participate in such groups become stronger while undergoing treatment. One of the most important psychological inventions that were meant to deal with cancer is the direct association of psychologists and hospitals. This association led to greater information sharing between the two, which in turn helped in the effective treatment of cancer. From the many interactions psychologists have with the patients, they are told of the things that the doctors need to change or look into that affects them during the treatment process. The sharing of this information with doctors makes them adapt to the patient’s demands reducing some of the problems that come up during the treatment. The psychologists operating from a hospital are tasked to help cancer patients rehabilitate which largely involves helping them adjust emotionally as most of their problems result from stress (Kennedy &amp. Llewelyn, 2006). They also help the patients be mentally prepared for the treatment process, which may render them physically handicapped. The public policy work role of psychologists helps the family members to understand and deal with the patient’s condition. This role has led to psychologists studying a little of financial management to help them appropriately advice the respective families. Financial advice to the patients and their families helps avoid financial problems. Psychologists are also now found in almost every health and government institution and this makes it easy for someone to get their professional help when needed (Yarbro, Frogge &amp. Goodman, 2004). The mind-body connection invention is also one of the major steps psychologists have taken in dealing with cancer patients. This is mostly applied to those women suffering from breast cancer. The whole idea is that a woman suffering from breast cancer gets psychological treatment by a doctor who has experienced the disease either directly or indirectly (Hunt, 2001). By direct experience of the disease, the doctor had the ailment herself and she can give her own experience of it.

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