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Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses abandoned vehicle problem evidences.

Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses abandoned vehicle problem evidences. An abandoned vehicle can be plainly defined as a vehicle gone unattended, left parked with no information about the owner and further parked within an area of 10 feet or more or less the same, for a time period of 48 hours and in the publicly used or mostly in the privately owned area for around 30 days, without the permission or consent of the zone owner (Alaska Department of Administration, 2011). Some of the most common reasons of the car abandoning are as follows: Most of the cars abandoned in Jeddah are by the expats who do not find enough time to dispose of their cars and travel back to their native lands without going through the hassle of disposing off their vehicles. Some abandoned vehicles, that as in fulfill the above definition of vehicle abandoning i.e., stay parked at airports or other areas for a period of 30 days are actually left or parked by expats until their return from vacations from their native lands. Majority of these cars are old and derelict for a safe daily based use and parked as useless by the owner after they have removed all the proves of their ownership. Another big part of these abandoned cars come from both the local residents and expats who flee away from holding any accountability to the money owed for the cars, most of which comprise of luxurious sports cars. Some abandoned cars are highly under car loan defaults and the owners look for sneak away by parking the cars as unrecognized. Because of the above reasons and further many not identified properly, the car abandoning has turned into one of the biggest reportable issues of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Birman and Jeddah. According to reports, Law enforcement officers have been into devastating nightmares dealing with the abandoned vehicles that have apparently been aggressively multiplying over the time. The major threats and environmental nuisance these abandoned vehicles are posing is rising alarmingly. They are taking up unwanted space and creating a sense of insecurity amongst the normal residents as the long parked cars give a secure pathway for crimes (Historic Vehicle, 2012). Another big issue related to the vehicle abandoning is that they, if seen from a financial perspective are a big block towards making the cash liquid. Liquid cash is very important for the refining and uplifting of economic standards and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is amongst the strongest Arab economies. Their strength is most looked after for the viable working of the Arab and most importantly the economy of all the Muslim countries. A block of average 7200 vehicles per month is a bid hindrance to the smooth working of their economic system. The reinforcement authorities have actively involved Department of Specialized Hygiene of the Waste Department of Municipality to draft out feasible and practical strategies to work over the abandoned vehicles. Now, these abandoned cars are left at wait for the owner’s contact for maximum six months. During this time, efforts are made to trace the owner and the vehicle is also printed in newspaper for any whereabouts of the owner. If the owner gets traced, he is levied with a penalty and warned to dispose of the vehicle officially or otherwise keep the vehicle and clear off the claims that the vehicle holds. Regular checks are made about the outstanding vehicle schedules that had prompted the owner to attempt silent abandoning (Seatlle, 2013).

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