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Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses the kangxi emperor and the jesuit mission in china.

Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses the kangxi emperor and the jesuit mission in china. I helmed a treaty to insure peace between our peoples. We Chinese are masters of war but are first and foremost lords of peace and order. All things in the cosmos have an order and working. War is like a heavy stone hammer: Sometimes necessary to fix a major problem, but it usually does more damage and is only wielded by clumsy fools. I view my providence over China as a sculptor with a fine chisel: There is perfection underneath the stone. all I had to do was bring it out. What do you think of the West? It would be impolitic to say too much, even for an Emperor. The Russians are like their beloved bears: Sometimes foolish, but more often cunning. I hope that, in the future, our great peoples will cooperate more than bicker. I much liked your Jehovah's Witnesses and your Christians, but unfortunately, they ended up making trouble. Your technology is amazing. You have taken our knowledge, true, but you have advanced it. But ultimately, I believe it will all come back to China. We do not take anything, technology or empire, lightly: We let it stand the test of time. Maybe you will release demons you are not ready for. What would you advise for future rulers? Be frugal. In times of prosperity, your frugality secures the loyalty of merchants, nobles and important people within your empire. I personally grew the empire's wealth by three-fold. In times of austerity and hardship, your frugality allows you to be a model to your people. Confucius taught us that good behavior is caused by good models: A good father is a good model for his sons and daughters, a good emperor is a good model for his people.

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