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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Health Care Financial Reform Proposal.The idea of too-little-too-late health care is usually as a result of lack of insurance and it has life-threatened heal

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Health Care Financial Reform Proposal.

The idea of too-little-too-late health care is usually as a result of lack of insurance and it has life-threatened health consequences. Notably too, is that many people have insurance but it is manifestly inadequate because it either lacks coverage for key services like prescriptions drugs or is accompanied by steep copayments and deductibles. For instance, the number of the underinsured has risen by an alarming rate of 60 percent since 2003. The high cost of health care has adversely affected not only individuals but also the economy. Consumers face burdensome out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare access, which adds another burden to illness. The high health care costs have continued to claim a larger share of the economy, now consisting of the gross domestic product, and still rising at a rate at least twice that of general inflation. There are also grave concerns on the quality of health care delivery and the management of risk in health care. A comprehensive study following about 7000 patients over a period of two years found that the received only 54 percent of the care significantly recommended for their conditions. The Institute of Medicine approximates about 100,000 deaths per year as a result of injuries to patients in hospital care. There are significant inequalities in effectiveness and quality of care delivered across different ethnic and racial groups. Compared to other developed countries like Germany, the United States lags behind in terms of information technologies, organizational design and other systems that can manage risk and improve quality. The politics of health care financial reform Questions that have raised a debate on health care reform in the United States are whether there is a fundamental right to health, on the quality of care achieved for the high sums of money spent, on who should have the access the care and on what circumstances, the role of federal government on in bringing in such a change, concerns over the unfunded liabilities and on the sustainability of health expenditures, which have been rising at a higher rate than the general inflation and the county’s economic growth. Medical debt causes most of the personal bankruptcy in the United States as compared to other countries in the developed world. Although the total health expenditure spent by the U.S is large, the actual use of health care services in the U.S, by most measures on health services use, is way below median among the world’s developed countries. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences states that the U.S is the “only wealthy, industrialized nation that doesn’t ensure that all its citizens have coverage”. Americans views have been divided along party lines when it comes to the role of government in the health economy and on issues of whether a new public health plan should be created and administered by the federal government. The party in favor of a universal health coverage argue that with the large number of uninsured Americans, directs and hidden costs are created and shared by all. Thus, by extending coverage to all, costs will be lowered and quality of health care improved. The opposing side, however, argues that laws that require people to have health insurance impinge on their personal freedom and suggest that alternative ways of reducing health care costs be considered.

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