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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Human Resources Management: Case Studies.Telephone interview can be an improved and inexpensive strategy to recruit employees if there is a huge pool of job

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Human Resources Management: Case Studies.

Telephone interview can be an improved and inexpensive strategy to recruit employees if there is a huge pool of job applicants. Although the scope of a telephone interview is limited, it can greatly assist the HR team to obtain good understanding of the applicant’s language proficiency and career expectations. Based on the telephone interview, the HR manager can make a shortlist of eligible applicants for next phases of the selection process. Alternatively, the company can conduct online interviews using internet tools like Skype or Google Talk. Such techniques can benefit the HR management to get rid of the difficulties associated with interviewing large number of candidates in person. Once a short list of eligible candidates is created after telephone/online interviews, personality tests and group interviews can be conducted. It would not be a loss for the organization to perform comprehensive personality tests because personality is as important as education and experience. It is easy to hire a highly qualified candidate with many years of work experience. but his qualification and long years’ experience would not matter if he is of an antisocial personality. Personality tests are very effective to evaluate a candidate’s personality traits and his quality for the jobs specified. Similarly, group interviews can really assist the HR manager to assess how the candidate behaves in a social setting, which could be very similar to an actual workplace environment. Presentations have become a common approach to recruitment and selection because this technique helps the HR team observe the candidate’s communication skills and the way he catches audience’s attention. Candidates are asked to present themselves before a crowd of company personnel in the form of a presentation. This strategy is greatly beneficial for the hiring team to monitor how effectively the candidate manages a pressure situation. By observing the presentation of a candidate, the hiring personnel can determine whether he is effective in tackling customers. As Krizan, Merrier, Logan and Schneiter (2010) point out that today taking lunch with the applicant is a better tactic to witness the way the applicant interacts with the waiters/waitresses who are generally considered to be the low level members of the working class (p.569). Such interactions can aid the HR manager to comprehend the way the candidate would treat his subordinates if he is appointed. In addition, some onsite assignments are recommendable for the HR team to assess the technical knowledge of the applicant and to test whether he is aware of recent technological developments. Assignment 2 HR Management Director is a challenging role because he/she is responsible for guiding and managing the overall activities associated with HR services, policies, and programs for the whole organization. In the given context, the HR director has much greater responsibilities because he needs to manage the HR department of an organization with nearly 8,500 employees and offices spread across 32 countries. According to Martin (2009, p. 36), recruiting and staffing is the primary job responsibility of the HR management director. As he is working for a

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