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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Just-in-Time (JIT) Techniques.Download file to see previous pages... Thus by thinking about the problem the problem it can be viewed and finally when the pro

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Just-in-Time (JIT) Techniques.

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Thus by thinking about the problem the problem it can be viewed and finally when the problem eventually becomes clear leads to kaizen. If one makes it a rule to deal with defects only after they occur and thus the number of its staffs tends to fall. Therefore, things that are running smoothly should not be subject to any control. If you commit yourself to just finding and fixing problems, you'll be able to carry out effective control (within an organization) with fewer personnel”. This concept is very well applied in Toyota. Since everyone at Toyota is involved equally at the business improvement plan. The people at Toyota participated in the meetings which are held regularly and discuss the progress and also consider the new initiatives. Thus, everyone at Toyota is expected to contribute and all the ideas are equally listened to by the management of Toyota. Unlike other organization there are no suggestion boxes in Toyota as people are not afraid to talk about the new ideas and plans (Hope &amp. Player, 2012, p. 211). The success of Toyota an automotive company has been able to achieved success with the techniques of lean which is monitored by most of the organization (Blanchard, 2007, p. 97). According to the managing director of Toyota, the long principle of Toyota production System (TPS) will continue to work with the system of Just In time and will not change in the future and its production is able to meet all the upcoming challenge. Just in time revolves around the concept of producing of only what is needed and thus transferring only what is needed. Instead of the system of push system, it represented only to the pull system where the workers get and fetch what is required. Tools, such as the Kanban (the information card). and on the display board, as well as poka yoke the error prevention, was developed in order to implement the pull strategy (Toyota, 2012). The Toyota Production System had the ability to fulfill the demand of the customers efficiently and promptly by way of linking the production to market place. JIT relies on the process of assembling the sequence only when they are required and needed (Toyota (A), n.d). Just in time offers a continuous, smooth and an optimized workflow with measured and careful work cycles and with the on demand movement of goods, materials capacity and reduce the cost of the time wasted. The members of the team can concentrate on each of their task without any interpretation which finally leads to better quality. deliver at the given time and of course peace of mind for the customers of Toyota. Potential Benefits — and Drawbacks — of Such JIT Techniques Are Limited to Large Manufacturing Businesses or Whether They Have Wider Applications for Other Organizations Benefits and Drawbacks Just in time has benefited many of the organization in many different ways and some of the benefits includes such as with the help of just in time the set up time can be reduced which allows the organization to eliminate the time needed to set the inventory. the flow of inventory increases from the warehouse to the selves. employees with multi skills are used at an effective and efficient way. Employees with multi skills allows the companies to move the workers to the required department with ease and confident.

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