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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses On Educational Psychology.Download file to see previous pages... In any class, different students exhibit different characteristics depending on their cultur

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses On Educational Psychology.

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In any class, different students exhibit different characteristics depending on their culture, special ability and difference in learning styles. In a class different students may exhibit students with characteristics such as those students having traits such as multipotentiality, students with excessive self-criticism and those students who exhibit perfectionism. Characteristics of the group In a class, an instructor can have students who have the ability to exhibit numerous potentials in a learning process. Multipotentiality among students a rare trait and it is common among students with gifts and talents (SWGT) (Santrock, 2010). These groups of students have a great passion and are usually have an extreme interest in several areas. However, this is a very good aspect for their future lives as it can enhance self-confidence and agency. The instructor can experience students with excessive self-criticism. Self-awareness and criticality are healthy aspects for any individual. This aspect is debilitating to the youths. These kinds of students exhibit self persecution and self hating traits. Furthermore, students may end up having depression. In addition, the instructor can experience students who have a perfectionist character trait. This aspect is more common as opposed to SWGT. The trait is a combination of environmental and inborn tendencies. Perfectionism as a trait may arise from outer sources such as parents, trainers and observations from adults. Challenges facing instructors As an instructor one goes through varied challenges in handling these groups. First, students with numerous potentials are difficult to handle due to emerge of stereotypes and societal conventions. There is emergence of stress and some limitations is applied. For instance, when girls approach colleges and perform well in music and physics, they are usually encouraged to pursue courses which represent stereotypes of the society. In addition, stereotypes which are created along the gender lines, it may lead to stress (Smith et al, 2010). In addition, the instructors find it very difficult to deal with students who exhibit excessive criticism. This is because. this trait is learned thus it is similar to several phobias. Furthermore, perfect students are usually one-dimensional and debilitating. These students exhibit several continuum behaviors for instance, some students pleasure from undertaking very difficult tasks. Furthermore, perfect students have a tendency of setting very high standards. On the other hand there are some students who are usually unable to glean satisfaction in their efforts due to unrealistic goals. Special learning opportunity Despite the difficulty required in handling these students, instructors can be able to deal with such cases with ease. For instance, multipotential students need a lot of support in their passion. This is important especially for mental health. In addition, these kinds of students require clear papers to avoid unnecessary confusion. For excessively self-criticism students, need proper counseling. This is because self-criticism is similar to all human beings (Pressman, 1994). In addition, perfect students can be dealt with ease due to the varied types of perfectionism. Furthermore, SWGT operate well when under perfectionism thus, it is the duty of the instructor to identify the nature of the student he or she has.

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