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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses alternative energy sources and sustainable development.

Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses alternative energy sources and sustainable development. This can be made possible if we put much effort and genius, just the same way the world discovered the first atomic bomb. The best source would be hydrogen fusion, but this miracle may be far than imagined. It became discovered that wind, solar, biomass, among many others, may also serve as a success, but require further effort to enhance them. Essential and crucial to whatsoever success is the ability to be able to achieve anything. Furthermore, renewable energy, can and certainly make a replacement of both fossil fuel and nuclear power as fast as possible if the globe is to avoid the hazardous effects of runaway climate change. Although wind, solar, biofuels and nuclear try to compete with oil as alternatives of basic energy, their contribution to the global energy in total can be limited or restricted since they are expensive compared to oil. In the case of nuclear, it can be restricted by waste and their disposal problems. As we acknowledge the hazards of climate change, we nonetheless, make a conclusion that the globe will continue to demand oil and gas for most of the basic supply of energy for several decades to come (Hurt, 2008). Wind energy is another key aspect. In the year of 2007, approximately twenty thousand megawatts became installed worldwide, enough to power 6 million homesteads. Nevertheless, most wind energy manufacturers can not be restricted to the USA, thanks to decades of funding cuts by the conservatives. Moreover, new wind can be poised to be a large contribution to America and worldwide generation of electricity, compared to nuclear power in the future decades. Furthermore, solar energy could be an even larger energy source, and it can share and distribute power lines with the wind.

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