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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses heart disease- causes and preventitive measures.

Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses heart disease- causes and preventitive measures. Information from various medical journals, the Center for Disease Control, and other relevant sources shall be collated into the material for this paper in an effort to create a concise and easily understandable information sheet relating to Heart Disease for the lay reader. The results of the research done on this illness is quite enlightening and informative. Heart Disease is an easily controllable illness once the patient takes the time to actually help his medical professional treat the illness. It requires certain changes in the life of the patient that, once successfully implemented, can result in a long and satisfying life for the Heart Disease patient. Heart Disease: Causes and Preventative Measures The human body is a wonderfully complicated machine that requires very little effort to maintain its tip-top running condition. However, there are instances when, due to either the aging process or congenital defects, that it encounters life threatening situations. One of the major life threatening illnesses that affects a human is Heart Disease. Heart Disease is the collective term for all illnesses that affect the human heart. As disease affecting a person, it has many major sub-illnesses that include diseases of the blood vessels, heart rhythm problems known as Arrhythmia, heart infections and congenital heart defects (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013). More commonly referred to as a Cardiovascular illness, heart disease occurs when there is a noticeable constriction of the major or minor blood vessels leading to the heart that can cause hardening of the arteries. Coronary arteries of the heart tend to build up fatty material and plaque over the decades. The narrowing of the arteries in the major and minor blood vessels causes an inadequate blood and oxygen supply to the heart that could result in the slowing of the heart beat or stopping of the heart in some cases (“Coronary Heart Disease”, 2013). Of all the illnesses known to man, heart disease is the only illness that has the ability to affect the overall biological system of a person. However, it affects men and women differently due to the biological make up of the different sexes. While the misconception exists that Heart Disease tends to affect mostly the males of the human species, women are also affected by the illness. There are nearly 500,000 women who will die from cardiovascular illnesses of its complications every year. Statistics tend to show that 40 percent of women will not survive their first heart attack (Riccioti, H., 2003). This particular number of women affected by heart disease has been shown to rival the number of men affected by the same illness with the United States Center for Disease Control releasing the following facts and figures pertaining to the population of America affected by the illness (“Heart Disease Morbidity”, 2011): Number of noninstitutionalized adults with diagnosed heart disease: 26.5 million Percent of noninstitutionalized adults with diagnosed heart disease: 11.5% Heart Disease is not an illness that is limited in scope in terms of the way it affects the human anatomy.

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