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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses human irrationality, strikes versus disputes.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses human irrationality, strikes versus disputes. The human brain is quite important in building mental models. It assists in creating catalogs of facts, principles and concepts that assist in making ideas more precise for human understanding as well as clarify cluttered and jumbled thinking.

Inconsistency in analysis or partial analysis of information by the brain might result in misunderstanding or even no understanding at all. The brain is friendly to consistency and closely relates to items that are similar in a specific manner or characteristic. The mind, for instance, will tend to force us into remembering items that are placed in a certain grouping in the supermarket. Problems in conceptual analysis arise in various circumstances. In comparative words, for instance, apply in different standards of measure. For the brain to really process information involving comparative words such as big or small, then the context in which the comparative word applies must be specified. For example, a farm is big in terms of area of coverage while a tree is big in terms of height. The specification of the contexts is what enables us to build a complete mental model, and eventually understand concepts much better. In addition, the standards for comparative terms constantly change.

Expression of natural concepts, according to Sowa (1984) in a computerized form slowly replaces its vague boundaries with sharp ones that are precise and distinctive. However, the replacement of a concept defined by family resemblances with a concept of a similar name defined by the sufficient conditions is always misleading. The adoption of conceptual graphs was a great breakthrough in the understanding of concepts. The first thing to do when analyzing a concept is to imagine all instances in which it's applicable, then list all these instances into subtypes, find out what other concepts might be linked to the concept in a canonical graph, check dictionary definitions of the concepts and finally dwell on the concepts schemata. Many concepts are highly dependent.

According to Hall (2012), some concepts are similar with&nbsp.only a minor distinction between them. In light of this, I chose three concepts from a wide array of concepts listed by Hall.

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