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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses vegetarianism veganism and meat avoidance.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses vegetarianism veganism and meat avoidance. Sustainability& about maintaining a state without any major trade-offs. it’s about wholesomeness. of continuity without radical changes that may disrupt a system, a norm or a process. Some precepts mandate that for sustainability to be achieved, people should be working hard to work what is needed to achieve that end. It intends to balance human needs and its sources—the environment. This is because human beings are dependent on nature for their survivability. Thus, the need for human beings to preserve ecology and maintain it by regulating a healthy environment to live. Brundtland&nbsp.(1987) stressed this when saying that sustainability is about maximizing resources without compromising the needs of future generations. This recognizes the fact that nature is limited and that to sustain resources, people should be stewards of ecology. Harwood (1990) explicates that sustainability relates to agriculture where the production of farm produce be done in methods or processes that ensure balanced utilization of resource and environment. Its should be complemented with a social and economic design that upholds the standard of quality life (Pearce, Makandia & Barbier,1989) This is often manifested by producing goods that are organically-driven to preserve the fertility of the soil against commercial fertilizers and pesticides. Organic foods are perceived as healthy and will not produce toxic enzymes that may affect the human physiological system. Thus, sustainability is about the preservation of ecosystems that are essential to life.

This desire to sustain life substantially correlates with the kind of food served every meal. There were robust arguments which deliberated the vital significance of enhancing life by adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

Vegetarianism is a personal option, an ethical choice, and a political statement. Often it is misperceived and thus, must be explicated in a wide range of health, ethical, religious, and historical issues on this perspective. The three basic vegetarian diets are Lacto-ovo (milk, eggs included), Lacto (no eggs), and vegan (no eggs, dairy products or any foodstuffs made with eggs or dairy products). They abstain from food sourced from animal’s meat. Vegetarians were described as with lower weight, cholesterol level, and blood pressures.&nbsp.

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