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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses what does lord of the flies teach us about governance.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses what does lord of the flies teach us about governance. “The Lord of the Flies” is an allegory, in which the island is a symbolic representation of the world at large, the boys stranded on it represent adults and the two opposing groups which emerge represent the conflicts that rage in the civilized world. The basic theme of the story is civilization versus savagery, with one group headed by Ralph fighting for the former and the other group headed by Jack creating the latter. The characters in the story are symbolic representations of these different elements of society and human nature. Two different groups develop on the island, one being Jack’s group with his loyal band of choir boy supporters and the other being Ralph’s group, with each having different ideologies. Ralph is guided by the most sensible boy in the group, named Piggy, who unfortunately is unable to assume a leadership role because he is not as big as the others. But Ralph’s group represents sanity and reason, while Jack’s group is aggressive and eager to seize the power of leadership which has been endowed on Ralph.

At the outset, the need for some kind of order and governance is recognized, with the boys making use of the rules of civilization they have been taught in their schools to get together and choose a leader. The boys decide that “we ought to have a chief to decide things”. The need for a symbol of authority in civilization is recognized. in this case it becomes the conch which produces a loud booming noise when blown upon that can be used to call others together to a central meeting point when they are dispersed over different areas of the island and Ralph becomes the leader because he is the holder of the conch.

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