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Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Textbook evaluation.Download file to see previous pages... As a result, it can be concluded that the nature of learning/ teaching atmosphere may varies under

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Textbook evaluation.

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As a result, it can be concluded that the nature of learning/ teaching atmosphere may varies under different circumstances. Hence, it is important to keep in mind the requirements and significance of the specific learners in certain teaching conditions when selecting the criteria for the assessment of resources. There are many guidelines and checklists for evaluating the course material aimed to meet the needs of ELT situations as proposed by majority of different authors. In the next section, some of these criteria are discussed in detail. According to McDonough and Shaw (1993, p.66) the criteria needed to evaluate the course material is categorized into two stages, external and internal. investigate different criteria in two stages, namely external and internal stages. According to these researchers, the proposed criteria helps in thorough evaluation of the learning material which is considered comprehensive to meet the ELT needs of the learners and the teachers around the globe. It has been pointed out by the researchers that the evaluation process is not concrete in nature. it changes with the learning/ teaching needs. The external evaluation revolves around meeting the needs of the intended audience, the ability of the learners/teachers, the framework of the material it is based on, the arrangement and presentation of the units/lessons, the author’s analysis on language and understanding. ...

eaking and listening abilities involved in the resources, the association of tests and exercises to meet the needs of learners and the central focus of the course material, the suitability of the material to match the different learning styles, and how the teachers and the learners balance the use of course material in an appropriate manner. Explanation of the criteria to be used: Selection and organization of content: It is regarded as one of the most important standard to evaluate the material. Selection and organization of content is important. McDonough and Shaw (1993, p. ) describe that learners become more proficient in second language when they are speaking. This situation occurs when the language skills are taught in a collective manner rather separately. Level: The level to which the ELT learners can get advantage of a course book is established on the suitability of the course book to the point that it meets the needs of the concerned students. For example, the use of grammatical features, the words and terms to be incorporated in reading texts and the standard of lessons should be beyond the ability of the students. General Appearance: Numerous researchers have underlined the significance of the exterior or the outer look of a course book. McDonough and Shaw (1993, p.61) have stressed the significance of external assessment because it “offers a brief overview of the outside of the book”. They emphasize the need for a significant and critical assessment of the claims made on the outer cover of the ELT books for teachers and the students. As Dougill (1987, p. ) have emphasized that course books should have interactive outlay to motivate and involve the students in learning. It has been observed that students judge the book by its outer look or the cover.

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