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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses marketing plan of skyvision airlines.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses marketing plan of skyvision airlines. As part of business expansion, the Skyvision Airline is planning to enter full service airline operations. As the company is a key player in the industry, it has wider access to a range of potential resources including human and finance and this capability would be assistable for the organization to deal with business expansion activities. In addition, the company has an expert team of aircraft technicians and engineers, and therefore designing full service airlines may not be a difficult task for the firm. The Skyvision Airlines offers additional services including rent a car, hotel accommodation, and other amenities that can be booked online through the company’s website.

Executive summary of marketing plan

As the company focuses on a full service airline, high income groups would be the main target segments since low and middle class people may depend on low-fare discount carriers. The company will target customers on the basis of their tastes and specifications. Big players in the US airlines industry including Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airlines are identified to be the potential competitors to Skyvision Airlines. In addition, the increased pressures from lower cost competitors may also raise serious threats to the company. While analyzing the services offered by the company, it seems that the firm has a range of potential advantages over its competitors. Like the most full service airlines, the Skyvision Airlines also operates aircrafts with cabins that have different three classes of services. The company management has budgeted one billion for this service plan implementation. However, the management is willing to raise additional finance if it becomes necessary. The Skyvision Airlines offers its services in economically as well as technologically developed regions to attract more urban customers. The company has a large number of flight services to industrially developing countries like India and China where thousands of people travel by air every day. As the company offers the full service airlines for the first time, it will charge a relatively lower price at initial stages. Stiff competition from low cost competitors also pressurizes the company to reduce its fare margins. The management has decided to raise its price margins once customers are attracted by its service quality. Description of the target market The company mainly plans to focus rich businessmen, business executives, high salaried employees, and other famous personalities including athletes and individuals from film industry. However, the organization will not ignore other classes of people completely as it also provides ordinary cabins. Nowadays women represent nearly fifty percent of nation’s employment sector and therefore it is necessary to target women and men with equal importance. According to IBM, family customers often choose full service airlines as they give first priority to privacy factor. hence, the company will give great emphasis on family customers while framing its promotional strategies. Skyvision Airlines will focus more on people under the age 55, because most of the old aged people are dependent on their younger family members.

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