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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses employee of a large multinational corporation producing consumer goods.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses employee of a large multinational corporation producing consumer goods. There enough reasons to support this belief of the global investors as in only twenty years China has successfully transformed itself into an investor-friendly country. According to the analysts, the Mainland China of today somehow reflects the picture of the industrial revolution in the year 1870 in the United States of America. (“Profiting from China’s Capitalist Revolution”, N.d). This growth can be considered as almost a miraculous one as within a very little span of time China has converted itself from an agrarian economy to almost the manufacturing workshop of the world. (“Why China is an attractive market”, 2009). Previously there were hardly any private sectors in the country but now the situation has changed so much that foreign investors are targeting almost every industrial sector for making their investments. A research report concludes that the Chemical, Commodities, Oil and Steel industry is showing tremendous growth in the nation, along with the telecommunication and software industry which is also contributing to the growth factor. (“Profiting from China’s Capitalist Revolution”, N.d).

Advancement in the consumer goods market is fairly limited and the analysts believe that this limited growth is only due to the lack of reasonable foreign investment. For that matter, there are enough visible scopes in the market, which a consumer goods company can exploit. If we take an overall picture of the economy we would observe that the GDP of the country has grown with an average of 9 percent per year and with an estimated growth of 10. 4 percent in the year 2007. (“China”, 2009). As the economy is doing well there must a large section of the population whose purchasing power has also increased. The strength of the economy and its upward trend was&nbsp.well-proven as the country despite being slowed down in the year 2008, has shown tremendous potential to continue its expansion and development in the following year.&nbsp.

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