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Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses sustainable development and its overall impact.

Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses sustainable development and its overall impact. It is an evident fact that the industrial development in one country of a region can create environmental&nbsp.issues in the region and thus the other countries of the region are equally affected by these activities (Muschett, 1997). Therefore one of the most important principles of sustainable development is the formulation of international laws to protect the environmental impact beyond borders. The members of the international community should cooperate with each other to ensure better economic growth, which ultimately leads to the achievement of various goals of sustainable development. however this cooperation should not be limited to economic growth and nations must extend support to each other for ensuring global peace and security as it is also an important aspect of sustainable development (Guruswamy and McNeely, 1998).

Another important principle of achieving sustainable development is creating awareness among the masses about the advantages associated with it. A large majority of people in the world is not aware of sustainable development. under these circumstances the efficient use of resources in the world is not possible. Measures should be adopted to clear the doubts in the minds of people about the advantages of sustainable development. The large initial cost which occurs due to the incorporation of sustainable development practices in various industrial and construction projects stop investors from adopting them because they are unaware of the long term financial incentives thus creating awareness is of prime importance to ensure sustainable development.

Social capital i.e. the role of people in sustainable development is not given the due importance in the principles mentioned in the document. People should learn to accept responsibility to preserve the resources and climate of the planet for future generations.&nbsp.

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