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Create a Logical Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for the scenario below 2.

1. Create a Logical Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for the scenario below

2. Create a Logical Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for the improved system that provides the added capabilities of automated forecasting inventory ordering and automated daily sales reports and customer relationship management - tracking visits, rewards program and store promotions

3. Create a Logical Level 1 Child Data flow Diagram for the customer relationship management - tracking visits, rewards program and store promotions aspects of the improved system

"Best Rolls is a restaurant serving special burgers and fries only. Burgers vary in bun type, patty size and number, cheese type and number, and "fixin". The restaurant has a kitchen, dining room, counter, refrigerator room, storage room and office. Currently all paper work is done by hand (manual). 

Perishable food items, such as beef patties, buns, cheese, frozen fries and vegetables are delivered daily to the restaurant. Quantities for perishable items are provided daily to the supplier for the next day's delivery.  Other items, such as cans of soda, bottled water, napkins, plates, utensils, straws and cups are reordered and delivered as needed from a different vendor. Leo receives deliveries at the back door and then updates a stock log form. The stock log form helps to track inventory items. The stock log form is updated when deliveries are received and also nightly (restaurant closing) after daily sales have been tallied. 

Customers place their orders at the counter and are called when their orders are ready. The orders are written on an order ticket, totalled on the cash register and then passed to the kitchen where the orders are prepared. The cash register is not capable of capturing point of sale information. The cash register only keeps track of money being collected. Once an order is prepared by the kitchen and provided to the customer, the order ticket is placed in a order ticket box. Leo receives these order tickets nightly, tallies daily sales information and makes adjustments to the inventory. "

4. Define the data structures for the data flow diagram in question #1 above

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