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Create a Power Point presentation. You have been asked to present your proposal to a foreign audience. There are cultural differences in doing business in other countries. You are creating a present

  • Create a Power Point presentation. You have been asked to present your proposal to a foreign audience.  There are cultural differences in doing business in other countries.  You are creating a presentation for your company that familiarizes the staff with the business practices of a country of your choice.
  • Note:  You are not presenting your proposal. This presentation explains differences in business practices and how to effectively communicate with an audience from a different culture.  Use information from research to explain what considerations must be addressed in communicating with a different culture. This is an educational presentation on how to approach a non-U.S. audience. The content should:
    • Provide an overview of cultural issues/challenges that must be addressed to communicate with a business audience (e.g., greeting people, dress code, conduct in meetings, business cards, giving gifts)
    • Provide a summary slide of what considerations/requirements must be met to effectively communicate with your chosen audience.


  • Select a country other than the U.S. Your choice.
  • Learn about important elements of communicating in the business setting in that culture.
  • Format:  8-12 slides. Technical Writing For Success, Chapter 12 offers guidance on presentations. Read the “Guidelines for Creating Graphics Aids” for information on format for slides.
    • Title slide
    • Table of contents slide that shows the main points
    • Supporting slides that have the main points as headings
    • Conclusion slide
    • APA References slide
  • Develop the main points using credible sources.
  • Organize points logically.
  • Include at least two appropriate graphics
  • Use a minimum of two credible sources
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