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Create Blog and Post ISTE Reflection

Create Blog and Post ISTE ReflectionBlogs are popular online tools used to express one’s interests, knowledge, and opinions as well as encourage dialog. You will create a blog and address the following in your first blog post: 

  • Reflect on the ISTE discussion, think about a learning experience you’ve had that utilized technology.
  • How could elements of ISTE Standards for Teachers have been added to enhance your experience?

InstructionsCreate a blog using Weebly or Edublogs, or another blog site of your choice, where you will post responses to prompts for these activities. The instructions that follow will be for Weebly, due to its ease of use, but most blog sites are easy to use, and help guides and videos are readily available if you choose to use a blog site other than Weebly. ( I CAN DO THIS MYSELF)

Note: You can use Weebly to create your electronic portfolio for the Final Project, so you may wish to learn how to use this tool this week. 

  • Preparation: Create a blog using Weebly where you will post responses to questions posed in the prompts for these activities. If this is your first time creating a blog, please look at the Weebly Quickstart Guide. (Edublogs also has a useful getting started set of links). (I CAN DO THIS MYSELF)
    • Give some thoughtful consideration to naming your blog as you may want to continue using it beyond the end of this course.
    • Be certain your blog is set so it can be publically viewed by everyone. 
  • Content: Consider the many changes in our world due to technology. 
    • Reflect on the ISTE discussion we had this week. 
    • Reflect on your experience with technology in the classroom (e.g., low tech overhead projectors compared to high-tech interactive white boards). 
    • How could elements of ISTE Standards for Teachers have been added to enhance your experience?

Your response should be one paragraphs in order to adequately address the prompt. Submit a Word document containing a link to your blog. 

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