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Creating a Pivot Chart

I have attached the rought draft i need the assignment complted completly

revised layout make it complete please.

Resources: Database Template, and Spreadsheet Guide on Excel®

Open the Database Template, and click on the Demographics tab. 

Create a pivot table and bar chart reflecting the number of clients taking each type of medication.

the Encounters worksheet in the Database Template.

  • Enter five encounters for three of the clients you entered in the Demographics worksheet in Week 2. The client's name in the Encounters worksheet should be linked to the client's name on the Demographics worksheet. 
  • The formula in column G should reflect the number of hours of service times the fee per hour. 
  • The number in column H is up to you. Add a dollar amount that each client paid. The dollar amount paid in this column should be unique to each client.
  • The formula in column I should reflect the amount due minus the amount paid.

Once you have correctly entered the formulas for columns G and I in row 2, copy and paste the formulas down both the entire columns so that all rows in these two columns contain the formulas.

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