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Creativity in Business - Problem ID & Creativity Application

INDIVIDUAL Problem Identification and Creativity Applications. Part 1: Problem Identification:In Part 1 of this assignment, you will identify and discuss an on-going or recent challenge that you are facing. It might be an opportunity you wish to explore, or a dilemma or problem for which you are seeking solutions. For example, it might be a search for opportunities, such as identifying a (new) career path, discovering what to do with your MBA, what type of business you would like to launch, or how to obtain a promotion or other work assignment. It can be a search for solutions to a problem, such as motivating a team member(s), working with a challenging individual or team, changing your work environment, reducing conflict, or exploring a particular problem you are facing. This problem or opportunity can be related to your job, team, organization, or your life outside work.In Part 1, consider the following questions: What has led you to perceive the issue or problem as important, as needing to be solved? Who are the key players? What is the impact of the problem or opportunity on your work life, relationships with others, effectiveness of the organization, or reaching your goals? Part 2: Creativity Applications for Idea Generation and Solutions.In Part 2, you will apply two or more of the creativity methods and techniques learned in class to the problem or opportunity you proposed in Part 1. Choose creativity tools that are distinctive to draw out breakthrough ideas. Using these tools, you will generate ideas about how your challenge could be solved or opportunity captured. Consider solutions that may be unconventional or not previously tried. How could the solution(s) be implemented? Guidelines and helpful tips will be posted on Blackboard.It is important to demonstrate your applications: the process (e.g. workingthrough the tools) you use will be evaluated.Due Date: see syllabus. Suggested length: 8-10 pages, double-spaced. Recommended breakdown is Part 1 (3-4 pages) and Part 2 (5-6 pages). This paper is worth 25% of your final course grade.

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