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Crime Scene Investigation

Reply to each topic with 250 word minimum

Topic 1: Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence can be small or large in size.  Present an example of both small and large trace evidence and describe how you would collect them. Please be sure to present evidence that is different than your classmates’.

Topic 2: Specialized Personnel

There are many special duties that a crime scene technician can do at a crime scene. Discuss some of the different roles and functions of a crime scene technician during an investigation. A specialized person/unit may also be called out. Provide one example of when a specialized person/unit can be called out, being sure not to duplicate a classmates’ answer.

Topic 3: Independent/Dependent Variables

Identify one independent variable from the article and describe how the variable can be represented (the variable’s indicator).

Identify one dependent variable from the article that depends on the independent variable. Describe how the dependent variable can be represented (the variable’s indicator).

Write a hypothesis statement that shows how the independent and dependent variables you have identified are related.

it is best to use the following structure for your hypothesis statement:

(subjects) that (independent variable) are more/less likely to (dependent variable) than (subjects) that do not (independent variable) .

For topic 3 Read the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2005). High-risk drinking in college: What we know and what we need to learn. College Drinking: Changing the Culture. Retrieved from http://www.collegedrinkingprevention.gov/NIAAACollegeMaterials/Panel01/Hig

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