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Criminal Justice - 2 part

The discussion regarding differences between leaders and managers is important for criminal justice professionals. It is a rare position that allows only leadership or management to be the primary skill set. A mixture of the two are necessary; however, in our current situation as collaborators, leadership will be extremely important to success. The article by Sam H. DeKay provides a nice discussion regarding Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace, however, despite the significance of interpersonal communication in the workplace, our knowledge of these skills and how they may be taught is limited at times.

 Study the DeKay article included in the learning resources for this week and answer the below question.

1.  Select two (2) of six trainings offered from his research that you believe would positively impact your collaborative efforts in the group project problem regarding the Very Bad Bike Club. Identify the training and explain how it could help your collaborative efforts.

2.  Please use the article as a reference and (3) three outside sources.

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