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Criminal Justice Research and Reputable Resources

Part 1. Criminal JusticeResearch and Reputable Resources

For your main post, locatetwo reputable journal articles through the Capella University Library orInternet research and one nonreputable article on the Internet that focus onissues of a single general criminological or criminal justice issue, such ascriminology or crime and delinquency. Then respond to the following:

1.Analyze the three articles selected, highlighting which articlesshould be considered reputable, and why.

2.Explain your understanding of science versus pseudoscience inthe context of reputable research resources.

3.Discuss whether the articles you selected contain science orpseudoscience.

4.Determine what research methods are used in the selectedarticles, whether they are used by a criminal justice agency orscholar-practitioner, and why.

5.Discuss whether the articles selected are descriptive,evaluative, explanatory, or exploratory. Include in your discussion whatcharacteristics make them so, and what makes the method used the best fit forthe study over other research methods.

·Parts2 The (Mis)measurement of Crime

Whether measurement ofsocial phenomena is accurate can depend on the time and context of the databeing measured. As societal views change, the meaning of the data can changewith it. Therefore, it is important to select precise indicators when measuringabstract concepts, such as when trying to operationalize social phenomena.Before completing the discussion, view CrimeAnalyst in Action Introduction to meet a crime analyst who sharesher career challenges and strategies and introduces the research process sheuses in a recent assignment.

In your main post:

1.Explain the necessary factors to consider before public opinionsurvey results can be trusted as a reputable criminal justice resource, basedon the principles of survey research examined in Chapter 1 of The Mismeasure of Crime.

2.Discuss how you could use public opinion research in yourcurrent or future career path based on its reliability as a resource.

3.Examine the benefits public opinion research would bring to yoursector of interest in the criminal justice field versus other more or lessreputable research resources.

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