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CRITICAL THINKING PAPER 2 GUIDE Reflection Paper on Metaphysics (Phil 1301) PROF. COQUILLA, MA Instructor Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Measure...

BEFORE YOU CLAIM MY ANSWER! I NEED A TUTOR WHO HAS READ THE BOOK "Chaffee, John.  The Philosopher's Way: A Text with Readings, 4th Edition. Pearson, 2013. ISBN:  978-0-205-25469-9"  I need a tutor to help me with these assignments because I am to stress from my other upper classes & midterms, I would like a tutor to help me , I will appreciate it alot! if it turns out to be somewhat wrong, i will rate you as UNHELPFUL answerer and i will call course hero over you. So please be right. Because I have gotten wrong answers from other tutors and this is not gonna happen again because I am paying money for the help/ This assigment is due tomorrow midnight in Houston tx.

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